Monday, November 10, 2014

SOB50K Week 1

As the Marathon is behind me I am now focused on the next big race, the Sean O’Brien 50k in February so the post titles will reflect that change, there are a couple of stepping stones between now and then though but that the next “big one”! As a reminder you can check out my entire Training Log for Santa Clarita here. There’s no rest for the wicked and I was back at it the day after the Marathon.

Monday. 5 miles. treadmill. Nothing to see here…move on!

Tuesday. off!

Wednesday. 7.5 miles. Easy pace felt harder than it should have. No HR as still a bit chaffed from the Marathon

Thursday. 5 miles. Treadmill. Harder than it should have been but getting easier post race, tick!

Friday. 8 miles. Treadmill. Felt good so I went with it!

Saturday. off!

Sunday. 18 miles. Easy first 6 miles, then picked it up for next 7 miles and then eased off at end, right ankle a bit sore sore :-(

So 6.19 and 45.03 miles for the week.

Towards the end of the week I was feeling better and was able to have solid long run on Sunday. Becca’s Ironman is one week away so next week will be a bit of challenge allowing for travelling and Ironsherpaing, hopefully I’ll hit all the high points!

Here’s a reminder about the Sean O’Brien 50k, it's a great movie from a friend of mine Billy (LARunr)although this is about the 50 miler you'll get the point!

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