Monday, November 17, 2014

SOB50K Week 2 (Step Back)

Race week, not mine by Becca’s Ironman Arizona! I was off from Wednesday onwards with a view to getting us squared away so we could get out of town Thursday night.

I shuffled things around to to fit in ‘cos that’s what you do.

Monday; 5 miles. Nice and easy, a bit slugish. Very bloated from bad coffee.

Tuesday; 8 miles. easy warm up and cool down and a quick 6 in the middle

Wednesday; 7 miles. Got my ass handed to me on the local trail!

Thursday; off. Drove out to Palm Desert, nearly halfway to Tempe

Friday; 5 miles, easy 5 mile on the Treadmill

Saturday; 14 miles, nice and steady. I have been focused on my split’s, on being consistent and maintaining a steady sustainable pace and that’s bearing fruit on these medium runs. I am taking great pleasure in reciting them to Becca on my return from each run!

image Sunday; lots and lots of walking and running around! How much you ask…

IMG_1352Remember on Saturday I ran 14 miles!

So 5.46 and 39.24 miles for the week. It was a rest week!

I’ll have a write up on IMAZ next!

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