Saturday, November 8, 2014

Win a Headsweat Gift Card


Headsweats is working on their 2015 catalog, and they want YOU to be a model! Submit your best Headsweats action shot in one of their winter beanies, headbands, reflective headwear or hats in the "comments" section on their Facebook Page, you may have to scroll back a bit to find the exact post but look for the picture posted above.

Sorry, visor fans, they’ve got plenty of these shots already! Bonus points if the HS logo is showing! They will choose winners on Tuesday, Nov. 11th, and you will receive a $25 gift certificate.

Disclaimer: you must be able to provide a high-resolution image of your submitted photo. Any photos taken by a professional photographer must have permission from the photographer to be used by Headsweats.
#headsweatslove #runheadsweats

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