Sunday, November 2, 2014

SCM Week 13

Race week, no real deviation away from my training plan. In fact all I was doing was adding 2.2 miles to my long run on Sunday.

Monday. 5 miles. treadmill. Nothing to see here…move on!

Tuesday. off!

Wednesday. 10 miles. The mid week long run is becoming quite regular now, it’s a cold dark early start to get it done before work but it’s doable. Nice and solid with an average pace of 8:05, basically race pace –25 seconds,


Thursday. 5 miles. Treadmill. tick!

Friday. 7 miles. Treadmill. yeah one of those weeks!

Saturday. off!

Sunday. Santa Clarita Marathon, you can read the report here 

So 7:48 and 54.45 miles for the week.

All the mid week runs were fairly easy, especially the treadmill ones, just to save something for the weekend. Friday’s run was the last on the month.

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