Friday, March 6, 2015

Saturday speed work, Sunday slow work!

I signed up the Ahmanson 12k. It’s this Saturday…so err tomorrow! It’s a brand new race I get to start a legacy streak with. The last streak I had going was with the 13.1 LA series but that folded after 4 years. This new races RD has a good track record of keeping her races going. While it’s a trail race it a short sharp one; 12k or about 7.45 miles, it has a bit of climbing ~700’.

I am not expecting too much drama, if I am lucky I will go sub 60 minutes. This is the lap and profile;


Sunday Becca and I are heading to Santa Barbara. I am planning on running the “out” of the Nine Trails race, this will around 17 miles and about 6000’ of climbing. We’re staying the night and so on Monday I will hit the first 10 miles of the “back”. This should give me a pretty good lay of the land come survival race day. So far there are 50 people signed up! Just 50! FIFTY!!!


I would be fooling myself and everyone else I was saying that I am not intimidated by this event, my forecast time in 10:30 or thereabouts. I am hoping that the weather co-operates. The weather that we had at the Bandit 50k seems to have been an anomaly and it’s been coolish and cloudy since then, fingers crossed it stays that way!

I found a couple of photos online;


San Ysidro Canyon climb


View from Inspiration Point towards the Pacific

I caught sight of my elevation accumulation for the year, it’s been pretty good, bigger than most recent years for sure so hopefully that will stand me in good stead or at least make it just not so bad!


Whatever happens it will be good training for LD50 which is 3 weeks after!

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