Monday, March 2, 2015

SB9T Week 2

Back in the saddle this week, not quite as much as I hoped for but after two weeks with very low volume it made more sense physically to ease into it. It doesn’t sit as well mentally but as usually my body is keeps me honest and my brain just flat our lies!

Here is how it shook out;

Monday. 7 miles. Eased into this on the treadmill. Half a mile walking warm up and cool down. Nothing fancy, just steady miles.

Tuesday. TrainerRoad Mokelumne. Zone 2 ride with a couple of sprints thrown in.

Wednesday. 7 miles again on the Treadmill, a bit quicker than Monday.

Thursday. 11 miles on the road. Mid Tempo pace, knocked this out at sub 8:00 pace. Did a happy dance to cool down…just kidding!


Friday. 5 miles. This should have been an easier run but two miles in I looked at my Garmin and I was trucking along sub 8:00 so I went with it.

Saturday. Off….beer, only one though!

Sunday. 10 miles, well just under. I had plans for 16-20 miles, basically two times hill repeats on a quiet section of the Backbone Trail (Old Topanga to Topanga Lookout). It had been raining all week and so I was unsure how the trails would be. As it turned out the trail was ok once you got past the first half mile which was pretty muddy. I decided to only run one repeat in the end, the weather as closing in and after a late start the day was getting away from me. Here are some of the photos.



All in all a pretty good week, just under 41 miles on my feet and another 17 on the bike.

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