Monday, April 27, 2015

Recovery Week

Post Leona Divide I mostly felt pretty good, with the race being on a Saturday I had Sunday to recover without work etc getting in the way. Monday I was back at work and had a no-workout day. I was back in the saddle on Tuesday, literally!

Tuesday; easy 45 minute ride on the Trainer

Wednesday; in prep for the coming 9 weeks of training for the Pactimo Sponsored Golden Gran Fondo I did a FTP test on the trainer. My FTP dropped from 214 to 206. Clearly not the right direction, but for 4 days after Leona Divide I’ll take it.


Thursday; an easy TrainerRoad ride for 20 miles.

Friday; an easy run. This was surprisingly hard and best described as “too soon!”

Saturday; off

Sunday; I had to keep an eye on the kids so with Becca out on a brick ride for 4-5 hours I was back on the Trainer and rode for another 26 miles basically in Zone 2 with some standing climbing for Zone 3 work

In preparation for the Golden Gran Fondo I am going to follow a TrainerRoad plan. I used the Advance Build I plan last year in preparation for the L’Etape du Califonia to pretty good effect. I was able to increase my FTP from 206 to 230 so hopefully I will have the same net effect this time around. This time I’m using The Advanced II plan.  Five rides a week. Two of three weekday workouts are 90 minutes. Additionally, the weekends now offer an extra intervals workout in place of an endurance/tempo ride, although I will be swapping out a weekend ride for actually get outdoor miles in. So it’s going to be a pretty full on two months.


In addition to the plan I’ll be focusing on my diet and trying to maintain the same weight that I have for the last month or so, 170lb but will be adding in flexibility, core and strengthening work too.

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