Sunday, December 2, 2007

First the the how!

Well this is the plan, its a modified Hal Higdon Comrades' Ultramarthon plan. I have shortened it by six weeks to avoid over-training, something that I flirted with earlier this year, and much of what I have read has advised that it is better to be undertrained than overtrained. I have also increased the cross training to focus on my ITB and avoid any repeat injury.

The shading is not only to make it look pretty it will allow me to periodize the training and compare period vs. period in terms of power output on both the weights and the bike, I have been looking at CrossFit as a means of cross training so where it reads weights this will not be a pure play on lifting but will build in other exercises as well.

Not mentioned but built in is the stretching routine that I have developed, this is done pre and post run and ideally one other occasion per day. The final thing is the nutrition and hydration plan; I am 90% through reading the Paleo Diet for Endurance Athletes and a lot of what I have read sits very comfortably with me so I will be following the guidelines of that diet and see where it takes me with a review of things after a month.

A race-pace of 9:30 will seem a bit slow compared to the road miles pace I usually run; around 8:30, but I hope to actually be training on terrain similar to that on my 'A' race (American River or Leona Divide, probably the latter due to geography; I can drive to the start line in a hour), that is hills, hills and more hills, and given that the pace at the Pt Mugu was north of 13:00 per mile I am actually looking for a considerable increase in speed!

At least that's the plan...


  1. OOOhhh. I like the map at the bottom of the page. And I am all about undertraining. I missed every race for years with injuries and this year I was mildly undertrained and made it to every single race of 2007. All of my PRs are following injuries as well b/c apparently my body likes to be (very well) rested! Good luck! This ultra looks incredible!

  2. Let me know how you like Paleo - I was contemplating tacking it after the holidays.

  3. Wow, that's some serious running! One of these days (like, in the next 50 years) - I'll do an ultra.

    I've just started reading the Paleo book, but I've got so many training/guidance books stacked up I'm not making much progress with it. I hear many good things about it though.

  4. You are so lucky to live in the "Land of Ultra Running". I noticed a while back there are so many trail races out there.

  5. audrey, yes I read somewhere that it is always better to be two weeks undertrained than overtrained, and you what that makes perfect sense to me!

    rg & rm The Paleo is going well...kinda, I'll have a write up on in a week or so but I'll give you a heads-up; prepare yourself for fish for breakfast! Oh and read both books; Paleo Diet and Paleo for Athletes.

    Nick, thanks, reading about running in snow this time of's just not right! But, and this is so pedantic, they sell out reallt fast; Way to Cool was filled in around 5 minutes and they seem to be predominantly in NorCal, which is 350 miles away from me! Hey I know, that's the price you pay for your sport, but it's never an easy sell to your wife!


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