Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wanna ziga zig ha!

Well that time of year is nearly upon us…burned hands from retrieving fallen chestnuts that were roasting in an open fire, the glazed-over-my lifeforce-is-being-sucked-out-of-me-as-the-camera-rotates-around-my -spinning-head-while-I-stand-in-the-center-of-the-shopping-mall look, the persistent sting of paper cuts from all the wrapping and the pseudo waxing from scotch tape. So when you manage to break free of the tractor beam of the mall, hit the internet 'cos there’s a bit of shopping to do! If you’re stuck for a gift for the runner in your life here are a few things that have caught my eye or put another way “I tell you what I want what I really want…

Nathan HPL 028 Vest, if you run with hand bottles but want somewhere to carry gels, chap-stick or suncream this lightweight vest will accommodate them and a little more with it’s elasticized back pocket where you can stash a jacket, arm-warmers etc. Talking of arm-warmers Moeben Sleeves overcome the “it’s cold now but I will get warm soon", plenty of fancy colors and a handy dandy pocket for a gel etc.

As it is cold for 90% of the country, it’s even got below 50f here in Southern California this week, most runners will be wearing tights of some description, to avoid the "clunking of the junk" us fellas normally end up with shorts on underneath, well comfortable it isn’t! The Asics Transitive Brief overcomes that…warning this is not the most flattering photo! However if you want to go and get all compressed CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tights will keep you all neat and tidy as well as warm and supported, just to be fair, as cold legs is cold legs there is also a ladies version.

Thinking ahead to the spring thaw avoid unnecessary blisters and slushy shoes as best you can with Dirty Girl Gaiters, don't worry dirty guys can wear them to!

If it’s so bad you really can’t head outside, curl up in front of the treadmill with Ultrarunning - My Story, Mike Bouscaren’s narrative of his journey of self-discovery through Ultra running.

Finally if nothing else fails slam this in your stereo, you’ll be running before you know it!

PS here's a quick shout-out to Frayed Laces who conquered the Honolulu Marathon this past weekend...rest up and return!


  1. You're definitely right on with the Spice Girls. Once that baby gets put into the stereo I'm running as far away from it as possible ;-)

  2. What Marcy, you didn't run for the theaters for that movie?

  3. hi slb+,

    Thanks for dropping by. You live in california...That's cool.

    There's more ultras over there than here.

    keep on running...

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! Does running and reading mix? I foresee stupid treadmill injuries...

  5. I'm with Marcy. If the Spice Girls are anywhere near my stereo, I'm outta there.

  6. I want one of those Nathan vests. God only knows I have way too many packs as it is. I recently bought a new Nathan waist pack because my other one wasn't working out.
    AS far as the Dirty Girls, I had Xy Weiss make me a pair out of camo material I have. They are great. I will never run another trail race or training run without them.

  7. C'mon everybody who doesn't want to "Spice up their life?" LOL

    Thanks for everyones comments, check out yipwt, he runs some crazy distances!!!

    FL ah yes...unless it's a talking book ;-)...see I am not just a pretty face...well I am not really that either but you get the idea!

    Nick, I am with you, I like the look of this "stripped down" look, I have a UD Wasp but have just changed to Perpetuem from Hammer and they say that using it in a bladder is not recommended so I am switching back to hand-helds.

  8. Love the list of great running gear. Sure wish tights did not cost so darn much!! Arm warmers rock and I must get a pair soon.

    Spice Girls ROCK!!! Yes I am so lamo.


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