Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Hills have "I"s

Yes, “I” for Intervals!

So yesterday I ran hill intervals, I actually live halfway up a hill and there is a good loop that I can run around. My schedule called for 3 one mile intervals which I thought would translate into 3 loops…it didn’t. By the time I got to the bottom, the start point, and run two loops, plus a little bit extra to return an errant dog, who thought it would be fun to follow me, back to it’s owner, I was in for 3.8 miles so I called it a day after two, and cooled down with a brisk walk up the hill to home to round out on a total of 4.2 miles. I am concious of not over doing it and over training something I flirted with earlier this year. I get to do three loops next week.

So the ups were, well, up, pretty lung busting but not vom-inducing and the downs, once I had warmed up, gave my quads a pretty good workout. I was definitely getting faster on each lap which leads me to conclude that I really wasn’t leaving it all out there; something else to work on. I manually set laps on my Garmin as per the climbs and descents, they look like this:

The actually profile of the run gave me a pretty wavy line; this is of course a very technical term! See image above. Total ascent was 951 feet, the actual climb lasts 330 feet and as you can see it lasts just under three quarters of a mile.

So now I have a benchmark upon which to start improving against.

One minor milestone for this run, I broke the 1500 mile mark for the year!


  1. dude, i want to race fast! um, does that mean i have to train more/faster/!??!?! life is hard! :)

  2. Damn, you're ahead of me; I'm at 1496 for the year!

    Great job on the intervals, get those legs moving quick again!

  3. Thanks, hard work is good work!

    I saw your mileage on GTalk and I've been sneaking up on you! If I stick to my schedule I'll close out the year around 1550-1575, that's good but it's about 500 short of where I thought I'd be...damn knees!

  4. Intervals are your friend as far as speed goes. Just about no better way to get faster (in the short term anyway's).

    The mileage is pretty nice. I'm just behind ya there, stinted by a runless December. :(


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