Friday, December 21, 2007

Keplunk, chink, chink...

What’s that strange noise you may ask? Well quite simply it is the sound of the penny dropping, thanks to Doug and his words of wisdom: “The only way to run (race) fast is to run (train) fast!”

Makes sense right, of course but you know sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees, but last night I went running with my chainsaw, metaphorically speaking. It was to be a one mile warm up, three mile tempo and 2 mile cool down, but I went out fast and kept going. Here are the numbers:

There is a slight anomaly with the first two laps, I obviously was not running at 20mph plus and a sub three minute mile! (Can you say which way to Beijing!), in fact what had happened was my Garmin was full! Yes apparently they fill up with laps, workouts, distance alerts and waypoints etc so I had to delete some on the fly. The average for the two miles is 7:20 which makes them the fastest two miles however mile one is always downhill so the average is not a fair representation of the distance but the point is made. The sharp drop off at the end is a walking cool down.

Other than that, oh and the head-on wind that seemed to be head-on no matter what direction I ran it was a great run, so as an amendment to the training schedule Thursdays are officially “Doug'sdays” and will be tempo based, it really only makes sense, now I have a: tempo run, a set of intervals and currently one, soon to be two long runs a week with cross training in between.

Sounds like a plan to me, cheers Doug, I owe you one!


  1. Yikes, I'm going to have to start watching who I give advice to or people might get faster than me!

  2. I hate that headwind. It gets me no matter which way I run. It even gets me when I am in the gym.

  3. Doug's advice was right on! From the looks of it you will have even faster race paces in no time. I do not "heart" doing speed workouts or even tempo runs but I should. I may can go longer distances but the speed has dropped and I know what needs to be done. Maybe Doug can give me a pep talk now :)


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