Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Ice Cream recce’!

Saturday the fam’ loaded up and headed off to Marina del Rey to cash in on some Groupons that we had acquired for a days trip to Catalina Island.

I’ve been to Catalina several times before, once by boat bringing my mountain bike and riding up to the Airport in the Sky and the second by plane landing at the same airport. The ferry ride over was uneventful although there were two rather alcohol enthused girls making complete asses of themselves.

What was interesting for me, cos’ I am anal retentive like that was to be able to see the islands profile up close, well at least a bit closer than the mainland, there was no real reason other than I wanted to put some color to the elevation profile for the Eco Marathon in November, this is the elevation profile and experience has taught me that profiles while being accurate never really convey that sense of ‘up’!

image So I snapped some photos and decided that yes they were indeed up!

image We then set off to slowly eat our way around the island by way of a stop off at the glass bottom boat trip, the ice cream shop, hand made candy shop and few others…you get the picture! Talking of which there are a bunch below.

The return trip was only marred by the failure of one of the boat’s engines which added another hour onto the journey…needless to say that went down well and it was well past 10:00pm by the time we got home!

Oh an in case you’re wondering what a recce is?