Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sole entry…he’ll win!

Pardon the extreme punning!

Here are the results for the Toe Juice giveaway or should I say here is the winning entry from Josh.  Josh’s tired dogs look like they really need some lovin’. Not surprising really he’s has just piled on a 300 mile month, was pacing at Badwater the past few days and will be toeing the line at AC100 this August!

jspector both feet jspector right foot

Seriously in need of some lovin’, a good pedi and a angle grinder!

So I have been using Toe Juice for the last two weeks, a fairly easy regimen, evenings before bed and after a shower, so that’s up to three times a day in total, just dabbed on with cotton wool, easy peasy!

And so for the results, drum roll please…

image[10] image

Before 14 days of treatment on the left and the after on the right

As you can see there is a significant improvement, the cracks have healed/repaired , there’s definitely more moisture and less dryness and an improvement overall, so I would say a success.

Josh email me your mailing address and I’ll hook you up!

A big thankyou to Toe Juice for providing the goodies! Check ‘em out and you could have hush puppies rather than rough dogs in two weeks too!