Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Therapy on a budget!

We all know the importance of stretching, sticking and foam rollering and all that good stuff, the next thing in that litany of self loving is a massage. Often overlooked due to time and cost…well I may be able to help out with the latter. Enter Groupon and fellow sites, so far this month I have picked up four massage vouchers for a grand total of $110, that’s near five hours of massage therapy. There’s can sometimes be a bit of hit and miss as to the quality so when I saw the Sports Therapy Clinic that my wife goes to had one I snapped it up and my wife got one too; 75 minutes for $39.00!

They are of course geographical but Groupon has nationwide coverage in the major US cities. The links below take you to the ones I use:

Groupon Los Angeles

Conejo Valley Deals

Living Social San Fernando Deals

The only catch of course is to now find the time to take them! Happy deal hunting!