Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday…

I like to run with an iPod, 99% of photos you’ll see of me running (or riding) will have me jacked in. I mix it up some and it a variation of podcasts, talking books and music. I used to be somewhat of a musciphile, I still have a CD collection back in the UK of somewhere north of a 1000 discs as well as a few boxes of vinyl, and as I look at my Mac I have another 25GBs on there. I am not sure what it’s indicative of that most of my my more recent music purchases have come from either (a) soundtracks to movies, (b) commercials on TV or (c) So You Think You Can Dance! Let’s just say commercial radio just isn’t what it used to be.

So here are a few more recent purchases that getting me moving:


Movie; Knight & Day

TV Drama; Covert Affairs

TV Commercial: Apple iPod

This is one you have seen before, it’s from a Sufferfest video but it’s a kick ass tune! Adrenaline by Phantom Black

Kicking it old school back to my teens!

All of the above you can get through iTunes except Phantom Black which you can buy online here. If you’re looking for something free and have a penchant for tearing up Dancefloor, these next two I highly recommend also.

Above & Beyond, Trance Around the World and HousenationUK both have excellent free podcasts which you can subscribe to and download through iTunes.

What’s playing in your head?