Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thinking ahead of myself…

Training with a purpose, I am really not sure if I didn’t have a race (or races) on my radar that I could drag my self out of bed in the wee hours and get things done. I have always been an outcomes based kind of person, give me a target and I am totally up for the challenge, doing it for the sake of doing it doesn't’ really fit! Maybe it would but it doesn’t fit like it does with a race entry filled out.

I have mentioned in the past that I am racing the Catalina Island Eco Marathon in November and hope to pace a friend to her first 50k finish also in November, I’ll not mention her name but she likes to run with her dog and lives around these parts. But I am starting to think about a few others that I can build out around them that will carry me into next year; there's this one; DRTE in Santa Barbara in October and/or the Over The Hill Track Club High Desert in December; the 50k option for both. My season is totally messed up with me peaking in Oct/Nov but it might actually work out if I can double dip and peak in the spring too which will set me up for a return trip to finish off some unfinished business at Twin Peaks, and Leona Divide…again! Neither of which I had a good showing in the last 18 months one due to weather the other my stomach. You can read the reports here; Twin Peaks, Leona Divide.

Anyway am I thinking ahead of myself, maybe, but I always did wonder what was the other side of the horizon.