Friday, January 14, 2011

AWOL; Absent With Out bLogging!

Yeah I am still here! a 60 hour work week, with 15 hours of commuting and 4:00am starts have taken their toll, not a blog post, blog comment, Tweet or Facebook Status update in a week, I did manage to update Daily Mile thanks to Electric Miles. Anyway here’s this week’s deets!

1/8/11 1000m swim 32:00, steady, alternate 100m BS and 100m FS, focused on form and breathing

1/9/11 Run 7:20m 1:01 TM Nice and steady Z2. The joy of a treadmill it's very controllable, nothing on "plan" so I stuck to Z2 @1% grade for 60 mins and with a negative split, 8:82, 8:49, 8:49, 8:56, 8:29, 8:36, 8:50 slowed up get in zone at the end surprisingly Z1 34% Z2 28% and Z3 36%. Was spiking at start and had drift to the end, got thru 18oz of Nuun

1/10/11 Run 5:60m 45:00 RD Easy run left knee a little sore, just followed my nose around the neighborhood

1/11/11 Elliptical 4:48m, had no idea how far I travelled till I had stopped, I had ripped a movie to my iphone and was watching that...park brain, engage legs, elevation at 10 and resistance at 7. 20 mins iPhone yoga in the evening ...very tight hips!

1/12/11 Run 5:6m 50:00 TM nothing much to say about this just got on with it

1/13/11 Elliptical 4:20m 45:00 Left knee a little sore so nice and steady, trying to to keep up a steady pace elevation at 10 and resistance at 7

1/14/11 Elliptical 3:25m 35:00 Crazy busy at work but managed to sneak out at lunch, elevation at 10 and resistance at 7

So as you can see a lightish week, I managed to keep moving…just! The good news is I have dropped 5.4lbs in two weeks, it’s a steady sustainable loss, which means it should stay off. I am still photographing my food (I am a bit behind in posting though) and logging on I should finish Running Natural this weekend and then start the transition plan…that’s the plan at least!


Tomorrow, Saturday is a rest day and Sunday is 13.1 Los Angeles, I am aiming for a conservative 1:40-1:45, I raced this last year and blew up around mile 12 so this year I hope to have a better showing!

Anyway that’s it for now, have a great weekend!


  1. All that work gets in the way of fun.

  2. Good to see you back, hopefully you don't have another one of these weeks anytime soon!

  3. Stuart,

    As you show us "life" gets in the way even when we plan for it. All I can say is, Good job. Not just on keeping with it the best you can but for reaching your goal in the LA half.


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