Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday figures…

Not much going on this week! I am still reading Natural Running, I am actually a reasonably quick reader but I am just short on time. I broke through the 100 mile mark on my Kinvara’s and have no problems with them. My schedule since the New Year trainingwise is ok, I am not on a plan so I am in effect making it up as I go along running Mon, Wed and Fri, cross training Tues and Thurs and doing something at the weekend, either a longer run or a bike ride. I have been out this week mostly in the mornings, that’s an approx 5:00am start…four of these on the trot and come Friday night I am bushed!

So this week looked like this, the comments are from my log, so it’s a bit inside baseball:

1/1/11 – Yoga, 20 mins yoga following a Gaim DVD. So stiff...the only way is up!

1/2/11  - Run, 6.05 M RD 49:17. Easy six, was raining...oh well, looking for a negative split on the way back, squeaked it in by a minute  or so 8:18, 8:15, 8:23, 8:34, 7:56, 7:33

1/3/11 – Run 4.01 M TM 33:03. What should have been an easy Z2 4 miles became an I am bored let’s ramp up the TM speed then became an OMG zero energy and then WTF I can’t cool down! It’s cold (50f) and the gym had the heating on! I couldn't cool down and had to stand outside for 10 mins to try to get things under control. Should have just stuck to the plan! 8:07, 7:37, 7:12, 9:58

1/4/11 – Bike 16.31 M RD 1:07:18 Very windy and therefore very cold; 3 layers, need my shoe covers! L&M died after 40m need to charge it longer, nevertheless a solid ride with a lower than average ave speed. And I am done for the day!

1/5/11 – Run 4.68 M TR 41:55 Slow paced run, energy levels low, most likely due to reduced diet and still carrying this cold, but it`s always good to get out and click off some miles

1/6/11 –  Bike 12.87 M RD 00:42:31 A very windy ride, cut short by the clock! In the evening had a good rollout on quads, hams, calves on Triggerpoint Roller

1/7/11 – Run 5.01 M RD 42:32 Nice and steady accelerator run, barely noticed the effort to pick up 8:46, 8:40. 8:30. 8:22, 8:06

So nothing mind shattering as you can see, but some steadiness and a pretty good mix, my cold thing is on it’s way out and once I finish the book I will start the transition to forefoot proper, from there I want to get on a good HM plan, I am thinking FIRST again, and find a race (with a couple of back ups to shoot for a 1:30 probably around April/May Laguna or Pasadena are real solid possibilities. As it stands my only racing commitment this year so far is the 13.1 next weekend. 

I am only only 5 days into calorie counting but I am really liking, it’s very easy on the iPhone and the web and takes very little time, especially if you are like me and you eat the same things a lot! The weight is starting to shift, but it is early days and those are the easy pounds! I am logging everything on the i8this site too, check it out!

And that’s about it for the week, have a great weekend!


  1. I'd say that's all PRETTY DANG GOOD for a week's workout. Are you by chance going out to Calico next weekend?

    ps. I used to put away a book every few days. But running and reading are not a good mix (I keep crashing into trees LOL). Seriously, when I amped up the training, the reading had to go down. : (

  2. Have a great weekend! me wants VFFs...

  3. Hey Stuart, I've left a few comments on your blog over the last few months and have yet to hear back from you on any of them. If you're not into reading comments and responding, then that's cool. Just let me know and I'll stop leaving them, but continue to enjoy your blog at face value for its training inspiration. Thanks, Sean.


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