Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cleaning out the clutter…

So as is the way this time of year the Christmas tree comes down and the decorations go away, plans are made for the year and there is always a bit of tidying up done. Back to school, back to work it doesn’t matter it’s just a mind set of preparedness. With that in mind and with #9 resolution in mind I decided to tackle the nightmare that is my running/cycling kit, it’s kinda everywhere, in drawers, cupboards, under the bed. Part inspired listening to Barb tell the tale of her storage strategy and part driven by the insanity of not being able to find something! So a quick trip to Target and and hour spent sorting.

First out with the bajillion white cotton race Tshirts that I will never wear.


Next stop Goodwill!

There were also some race shirts that didn’t fit or were just plain yuk! Next up digging in to the stuff I was keeping…and another hour or so sorting and I got to some semblance of a finished product, there’s more of course but this is a good photo!


Scary fact, one big drawer is just compression clothing!

Ok so far so good, now I have one more to go…


Got Hydration!

There are a couple of other things I am doing to achieve #2 on the Revolution list. I have fired up the the i8this blog, if you want to play just leave a comment and I will send you the log in details and I have signed up on, yes I am calorie counting it’s worked in the past and I am confident it will work again, accountability and transparency usually go a long way. Check it out and friend me if you like.

And so on with the year…


  1. I really need to calorie count AND I need to organize my gear. Like you, mines in the closet, in gym bags, under the bed, stuffed next to my dresser. It's ridiculous. Good luck with your attempts and organizing. I wish you the best!

    ps. I read somewhere of a company that will make a quilt out of all those race t's. I just can't get myself to give them away. Instead they're stuffed also in a big laundry bag behind my dresser!!! I just might do the quilt thing one of these days.

  2. I started logging on Lose It this week as well. It's the BEST!

    I'm laughing at the hydration closet. I actually do not have one of those!

  3. Hey, you got inspired by my New Year's clean out of six years of accumulated cycling magazines, didn't you? LOL If you have a look at the second photo on my last post ... the plastic drawers ... one is full of cycling gloves, one is full of cycling socks, one is full of arm and leg warmers ... you get the drift. :-) Well done on your clean up. Now - the challenge is to keep it that way ;-)

  4. I really really need to do this!!

  5. I need to declutter as well. Maybe when I'm done procrastinating :-)

  6. my goodness you have major gear BLING!!! Jealous :/

    I cleaned my closet and used the 1 year rule. Goodwill trip completed with two large trash bags. It needed to be done.

  7. You have a lot of running gear :) And you are starting into your resolutions expiditiously!! Nice work-maybe I should do the same...

    Happy New Year from the East Coast!


  8. Counting cals sucks but it's worked for me in the past too. ImHoping it'll work again now - on day 2 ...

    I know I made a resolution/goal to get rid of crap but you other people make me look pretty good in the "stuff" department :)

  9. I like this. I'm sure my wife would like it too! Although to be honest I think you have more stuff than me even after the clean out!

  10. I love organizing! I definitely need to get rid of a bunch of tshirts I will never wear!

  11. Are those dryfit shirts that are hung up to the side? Cause if so - that's awesome, that totally justifies me hanging them up....and if not...well...let's just pretend that are.


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