Friday, January 21, 2011

Lazy Blogger!

Yeah so that post last week Friday about being busy, this week was kind of a rinse and repeat!

1/15/11 Rest day, took it off before Sunday’s race, of course ferrying the kids around and doing the weekend chores is not quite what I would describe as rest!

1/16/11 Race day…followed by two frames of family bowling in the afternoon!

1/17/11 Martin Luther King and an extra day off from work! Hit the roads on the bike and got a pretty decent 30 mile ride in in just under 2 hours


1/18/11 Hit the local wash trail for a nice 5 miler at lunchtime and then the week caught up with me

1/19/11 Fail…woke up on the floor in between the kid’s beds after “cuddle” time, at 9:30pm, no dinner, hmm time for bed!

1/20/11 Took an extra rest day…

1/21/11 Finally a break! Managed to slip in an awesome 6 miler again on the local trail, glorious sunny day, just a joy to be running! It’s a nice solid three miles up and three miles down, the elevation ramps up; 117’, 199’ and 423’ per mile and there is still another couple or three miles more…I need an extended lunch to get to the top!


I am in spitting distance of finishing Natural Running…then to plan for the transition!

Oh I got (snagged) the pictures from last week…they’re actually not that bad!


Have a great weekend…out!


  1. It's crazy how life kind of catches up to us sometimes! Sounds busy..but in a good kind of way!

  2. Those are good pics!

    I would definitely say falling asleep in random places around the house means it's time for bed :)


  3. I got a "Chi Running" video a while back which I suspect is similar to Natural Running. I need to watch it a few more times to glean a little more from it, but it changed my running immediately. I still can't say I've kicked the heel striking habit altogether, but practice makes perfect. I would like to make an actual transition like you.

  4. those are great action shots. my foot is never as parallel to the ground as that, as much as i think i am working on it... and the elevation you tackle is insane.


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