Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday #4


641 posts later!

Phew whew knew I had that much to say!

Thanks for following, reading and commenting…I never envisaged it would get to this grand age…just goes to show right!

A few more miles and a few more races wiser and a revised set of goals for this year!

Let’s see what happens between now and five candles!

I have posted a list of maybe’s on the right…maybe I’ll see you there?


  1. I see that you your "maybe's" include Laguna Half marathon. If that's the one I know (Saddleback Memorial Half Marathon), you will be running right through my stomping grounds -- Aliso Wood Canyons! Maybe I will plan a run that day through on Wood Canyon Trail. Post if you decide to run it.

  2. We are all getting blogger old. Makes me wonder if blogger has a retirement plan. Happy Blogirthday!

  3. Very cool... as I am writing my comment I see your flickr picture and it happens to be the running shirt we sent you...:)

  4. Happy Blogbirthday! And best wishes for many more!

  5. I had no idea you were on year #4. Your like a Jedi Master and I'm just a Padawan. Thanks for all the help and great reading.

  6. Happy Birthday?! Hope the next year is a success :-)

  7. happy 4th birthday! you're growing up so fast, quad :)


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