Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hobbling and Hacking!

So this week I started Week 1 of the transition to midfoot running following the plan laid out in the book. It started on February 2nd which threw me off a day as that was a Tuesday but no matter I thought. Day 1 was all about stretching and core strength, a solid work out that lasted about 30 minutes. Day 2; 3 sets of jump rope, running on the spot, high knees and butt kicks and here is where the plan was derailed I had forgotten to write down how long each set was…oops! I started with 5 minutes of jump rope, when was he last time I did jump rope oh probably 1974! I soon realized that 5 minutes of each would soon blow through my lunch break so I decided to drop down to 2 minutes each and a good job too. I finished up, stretched out and headed back to the office. Out of interest and for future reference I check the book on how long each interval should be; 20 seconds! oops I thought, oops indeed. The next morning my calves were singing a song, the day after that they were screaming!

The screaming continued through the week until I got I hit by the flu train, I crawled into bed at 7:30pm Friday night and crawled out Sunday afternoon…a couple more days and I should be ok to start week 1 again!

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  1. Started the midfoot running attempt two years ago when I purchased some Newtons. Six months of very slow acclimatization led to such calf pain and tightness that I still wake up in a cold sweat when I think of it.
    I have since abandoned the still like-new Newtons and went back to my New Balances.
    You know what? The heals on my runners, now three pairs in a row, are pristine and unused...I successfully and without really trying to (after abandoning the Newtons)made the switch.
    Too bad I've now been introduced to Plantar Fasciitis.

    Good luck


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