Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kids, Keys and Car!

It’s inevitable really no sooner do I put something down in writing then my plans change! Sometimes it’s for the bad this time it’s for the good! I think I mentioned my in laws are in town from England, their annual trip albeit this year a little shorter at about 8 weeks, it’s all good though. Through the power of iChat they’re not strangers to our kids and they’re now at the age (3 and 6 years) where my wife and I can leave them with their Grandparents with no concerns, so it is a case of here are the kids, here are the house keys and here’s a car to ferry them around…seeya in a week!  And that’s just what we are doing! So come the weekend of the March 6th I will not be running the PCTR Malibu Creek race I will relaxing here:


Shame about the silly looking handrails!

This is going to be followed by a week spent Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, some hiking, some relaxing and some quality time sans kids with Ms Q!


Thor’s Hammer


Zion Canyon

Yep sometimes things do change for the best! Although the weather forecast is not so great; snow storms are expected so we may end up seeing a lot of this:

Bryce Canyon NP 011

Oh well, that’s why they invented Gore-Tex!


  1. Screw the race.... I would take that getaway in a flat minute. Jealous... ;/

    To the person who designed and put those handrails in.... freaking funny!!

  2. I know what you mean about writing something down then having everything change. I have been holding off posting a post just so that won't happen.
    I fear my plans to run my first 50k could halt before they start when I go to the doctor tomorrow. We'll see.
    Those hand rails are limp....


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