Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fat zero!

My week has swung from cold sweats, hot flushes, coughing like I was trying to turn my lungs inside out. working 12 hours a day on a couple of them trying to catch up after taking Monday and Tuesday off to spending Friday night at Emergency Care and Saturday night at Home Depot buying of all things; a toilet seat! Yes life is a roller coaster!

As for that running thing well, unfortunately not much of that this week. I did receive an awesome pair of CEP compression shorts to review…which is of course to follow! All things being equal I hope to be back in my runners and these new shorts next week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,  I would be resting but my in-laws arrive tomorrow for their annual snow-bird migration!


  1. Your week sounds like mine - minus the emergency care part. Hope you get better soon!

  2. feel better! the plague is no fun.

  3. holy crap! You had to buy a toilet seat :-) sorry, pun not intended! Hope you feel better!!

  4. Stuart,

    That is one hell of a week. Let's hope all of those unpleasantres are behind you now. I'll be waiting to hear how those shorts work out.

  5. hope everything settles down soon

  6. eeekkk sounds crazy! hope you're feeling much better!


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