Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stats and shoes!

Well that’s January then!

Not bad, not great either I missed a couple of days and got caught short on a few others, I had a good early half marathon and mixed up all the training, could have visited the pool a bit more and should have visited the yoga mat a lot more! Work has been super busy so I have had to cherry pick my “social” activities, oPad, i8this and Facebook got 86d, Twitter and WwF went much the same way, even the ever present blog took a hit this month and I daren’t even look at my reader…it’s about priorities right and sometimes things just have to give, but I did keep up tracking my food and I have dropped about 6lbs this month! Strangely January had the fourth highest hits and views over the last 12 months…so thanks for hanging in there!

I’ll spare you the last weeks stats but here are the months totals:


I also got to put some miles on my Ronald McDonald shoes:


My Brooks ID membership expired at the end of last year and I had a little blitz including a pair of ASR7s, a pair of Cascadias and a pair of Green Silence. I love the GSs the ASRs are ok and the Cascadias have not come out the box…and here’s the problem!

I am spending all my time in Kinvaras (love, love, love this shoe!) I have the GSs to rotate through and a pair of Sir Isaacs to roll into and all these “big” shoes as I call them are being somewhat ignored…add the that the two brand new pairs of Salomon XT Wings and the Wings 2 pair that are sitting neglected in the closet with around 150 miles on them and you can see the issue…I am thinking a trip to eBay may be in my future!?!

Then I get an email from Saucony


Hells yeah…and check out that last shoe on the list a trail version of the Kinvara, the Peregrine….freekin awesome!


A low profile trail blazing shoe that’s a must-have for the outdoor runner, the Peregrine boasts the minimalist DNA of the award-winning Kinvara. With multi-directional lugs and a high traction rubber outsole, the Peregrine will have you flying over hills, dales and rugged trails with confidence

I know Valentines is a ways off but I think I am in love!


  1. Those Peregrines look sweet!

  2. I hate you ron burgandy...but dammit i respect you :) That is an awesome email. I am excited for hearing about your experience with the Peregrines

  3. I'm so jealous! ;-)
    I'm ready for some Peregrines and Mirages--I hope I'm as impressed with them as the Kinvara.

  4. We won't tell your wife that little bit... ;) I am anxious for the new saucony flats!

  5. so many shoes so little time!

  6. I just went to my local Fleet Feet Sports in Seattle and they showed me the Peregrines. I liked the looked then and now I'm pretty much sold.


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