Friday, February 18, 2011

‘bout halfway!

Well I am about halfway through the first three months of the year…time flies right. And I thought it would be an opportune time to check and see where I am on my New Year’s resolves. I have nearly almost, finally, kinda, shaken off this horrible cold/cough thing, I occasionally splutter but pretty much I am back to the norm. I took a week off but I am not too fussed as I am not really training.

So this week I restarted the Natural Running Transition and I paid attention to the book’s intervals and had so far managed to avoid shredding my calves! Always a bonus! So far this week Monday through Friday I have alternated stretches and core strength with pylometrics, lots of running on the spot and my jump rope skills are getting better. There’s also some really short but fast speed intervals, we’re only talking 200m or so but at 6:00 min mile pace, I could go a bit faster but the treadmill can’t! But don’t let me lull you into think that it’s easy some of these things are nigh on impossible, here’s a good example, go on try it, go on I’ll double dare you!


See, told you! Sorry about the poor photo.

So looking back at the To Do list, definite progress!

Started the transition to forefoot running – Check!

Lose 20lbs – well I am down about 10lbs, so that’s half down – Check!

Doing the good stuff; foam roll, yoga, stretch – Check(ish)!

No new kit in Jan, Feb or March! – Well other some awesome stuff on it’s way to review, I slipped off the wagon just a little, but hey needs must!



  1. Great progress, huge pat on the back due!

  2. alright alright, i'll go roll too. thanks for the reminder :)

  3. Good luck with the natural running.... I am finding that it takes a lot of work.

    Congrats on working on those goals!


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