Thursday, January 15, 2015

Clif Bar; Berry Pomegranate Chia and Nuts & Seeds.

Clif Bars are ubiquitous, what started as a sports nutrition product (and still is) has become a healthy snack that you can pick up anywhere from your local running store, grocery store, gas station and all points in between! Ideal for most activities it’s also just a great snack to have in your desk drawer at the office! Clif are always looking to keep moving forward and stay ahead of the competition. They have a seasonal flavor set that comes out in the fall and a few years ago they ran a limited edition Paneforte bar which was amazing! Let’s face it in a sea of bars they have be imaginative with new flavors. Allow me to introduce their two newest kids on the block; Berry Pomegranate Chia and Nuts & Seeds.


Berry Pomegranate Chia. this had a slightly unusual flavor, the berry wasn’t quite tart enough for me. The pomegranate didn’t quite come through. I have added chia to homemade granola before and it’s not something that you can really taste. The texture was something that all Clif Bars have, that moist pliable feeling that just rolls around your mouth. Overall totally edible but not something that makes you go crazy.

Nuts & Seeds; this was on the other end of the spectrum altogether. Off the charts yummy. The flavor was earthy, nutty and very edible. Was it me or my imagination that each bit tasted of a different nut variety? I am not sure but this was just like eating a piece of soft nut brittle. Perfect for enjoying with a coffee or for having on the side of a trail! It’s that perfect blend of sweet, salty, crunch and chewy! It was just…Really. Really. Good!

So there you go two new additions that you can add to your pantry or running pack or desk drawer…as I say they are everywhere so they shouldn’t be too hard to find!

Talking of stores, something I found out is that if you buy bars at Whole Foods by the box you get a 10% discount…I didn’t know that, that’s actually a better deal than at Trader Joes!

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