Sunday, January 11, 2015

SOB50K Week 10

Another build week, although Monday got the best of me and I had to push my back-to-back long run to Tuesday. With Becca and I training for the same races I have decided to switch to her plan, I will post about that separately. So here’s the details:

Monday. Off. Work, life, <insert excuses>!

Tuesday. 11 miles. Treadmill. Treadmill at 2%. Not feeling this at all and a day late. Going back to work hit hard, not so much hit the ground running...more like just hit the ground! My Garmin and the Footpod always runs longer than the Treadmill so the miles are accurate to the ‘mill.

Wednesday. 4 Miles. Treadmill, nothing fancy just a recovery run

Thursday. 8 miles. Quick temp run around a local loop. Nice to add a bit of pep into my step!

Friday. 7 miles on my local trail out and back. Another hard run, nonstop there and back. Nice and solid Z2/3 at 2% grade


Saturday. Like a Boss!

Sunday. 22 Miles. Plan was to park a car at each end of an out and back and then run it three times. Ended up adding extra miles on one section then hopped a fence got kinda lost. Ran past someone people making a video/movie! It rained, it was sunny it was just one of those crazy ass days! Big departure on this run was the introduction of more real food. We had brioche with PB&J, boiled, salted potatoes and single servings of Peanut Butter Company PB&Chocolate.


They worked really well and we will try that again next weekend. Only downside for this run was coming up just under 2 miles short with just over 20 miles for the day, that said it was another 4 hours moving and nearly 6 on my feet!


This one pretty much killed my Peregrine 4s off, so I will break out a new pair for next weekend.

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