Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bye Bye 3x! Hello Two-by!

It’s inherent as a bike owner that you want to change things…or maybe that’s me!?! I have had my Orbea Occam 29er for a couple of years now and having put some miles on it while waiting for parts etc I decided to pull the trigger and go from a Triple to a 2X. Less shifting, less weight, less complex! I am never in the big ring, it’s completly redundant!

I hunted around and found a drivetrain (cranks fornt and rear deraillieur) that was used with low mileage, picked up a new chain and cassette and I was good to go. Having ridden it for a couple of months now it’s defiantly an improvement, the only thing I am missing is that super climbing ability that I had before.


Maybe I will put on bigger cassette down the line but until then I will just pedal harder or faster!

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