Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dirty Kanza 200; Race Rig Test

Dirty Kanza is coming and I just got my bike back from having a pretty serious rebuild. Based on my experience from the Rock Cobbler and the gentle crash at Strada Rosso I made some serious changes to the overall set up.


First up was stripping all the SRAM off of it except the cassette which is a 12-32. Shimano doesn’t make one that big in 10 speed. I repurposed the Shimano Ultegra Shifters from my road bike rebuild. I added a CX-50 (46/36) crankset. The front derailleur was also replaced with a CX50 version. This follows the narrower circumference of the chain-rings and should make for easier shifting vs. using an Ultegra derailleur. An Ultegra Long Cage rear derailleur was fitted at the rear

The drivetrain was connected with a KMC Chain which has link cut-outs, this should drop any mud I pick up and save a bit of weight.

The brakes I left alone and were the TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes.

I have finally decided on tires. I will run Clement MSO Xplor 40mm front and 32mm rear, I am a bit worried about mud clearance and while the 40s do fit in the back it’s tight!


I took the bike out for a test ride over some of the gnarliest terrain I could find and it held up perfectly. I was able to ride up slopes that were around 20% and some MTBers were walking up and down slopes and single track that would make be baulk on my dualy!


So with all that said, bike is ready! Ten days to go!

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