Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Summary

May, oh boy what a month. Work was cray cray crazy! A project I am on took over nights, days and the time in between. I knew it was coming and I did my best to prepare and brace for it but there were a few days when I was up 24 hours or more straight. I had to be realistic and put the bike aside as required. That essentially carved out 8 days over two weeks when I was off the bike. Not ideal, but I needed to be switched on for work and that’s what pays the bills. At the end of the two weeks I picked up my mountain bike and went and had some fun just to get my mind back in the game. This was followed up with the TrainerRoad 8DC ride, they didn’t do this challenge themselves but I found last years and rode the first 7 days piling on over 190 miles in the week. Here is how the month shook out in the end.


Tarveling to Kansas on Thursday…Dirty Kanza here we come!

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