Thursday, December 8, 2016

2017 Plans

Tis the Season…oh apparently it’s nearly Christmas too!

Anyhoo, after much pencil chewing it looks like this is the 2017 Schedule. Obviously this is dove-tailing into Becca’s plans and we are off to Wisconsin in the fall for some IronMoo as well as another trip to Northern California for the new Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3 and a trip to Boston for the Marathon in the Spring!

I am also dipping my toe into the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) Year Rounder Challenge; 12 Centuries or more in 10 months!

As you can see it’s a schedule of mxed surfaces but the gravel and road compliment each other pretty well. I am a believer in having A, B and C events and the list above breaksdown as follows;

A, this a race so it’s all about results, balls to the wall;

  • Belgian Waffle Ride
  • HooDoo500

B; looking to dial in and race test things for A events, it’s a “training race” to monitor my performace

  • Rock Cobbler 4.0
  • Redlands Strada Rosso IV
  • Mullholland Challenge

C; basically a training day

  • Four Days to Fitness (obvioulsy!)
  • BWR Camp (again obviously!)
  • L’etape
  • Mike Nosco

Definitely no grass growing between our toes this coming year! As usual there are plenty of horizons coming my way…

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