Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Magnificent Seven!

While a lot of my training is spent on the trainer those days that I do ride outside I have a short list of things I never leave home without. This goes beyond that basics of some cash, a phone and a spare tube. None of them are super expensive or technical but from a lot of experience I have found that they are all essential to have.

RoadID App; Well to use this you do need a phone. It’s provides a "follow me" e-breadcrumb trail that you send to someone so they know where you are. Over several iterations the functionality has improved but at its basic level it provide telephone based GPS accuracy on your location. It works every time.
Pedros Tire Lever; just one, you only need one. These simply are the best levers on the market. They do not break and they do not scratch. They come in nice bright colors although as a traditionalist I choose the old school Pedros yellow every time!
Pump; I have an older Lezyne Carbon Drive Mini Pump. It fits in my jersey pocket easily, can pump up to 90lbs and weighs just one pound. I particularly like the hose attachment (Presta and Schrader) this avoids snapping off your valve when you’re fumbling with fitting it on.
Fly 6 and Fly 12 Camera/Lights; I pretty much always rode with a red blinky and sometimes a white one so adding these to my list of Go-To items was a no brainer. I only got them in September but so far I love them and I recently backed their Kickstart Campaign for a dedicated Duo Mount which will mount the Fly 12 with my Garmin. With the uptick in accidents and deliberate aggressive motorist/cyclist interactions the ability to capture things on camera brings a welcome security blanket in case something untoward should happen. A longer post on these will follow.

aLoksaks; perfect for your change, phone, credit cards and other little bits, it keeps them secure and dry. I use the one that came free from Skratch Labs when I purchased a sticker pack from them. This has to be one of the best freebies out there!
Nitrile Gloves; keep your hands, gloves and kit clean. Seriously there are a penny a pair and have saved my kit several times on the roadside!
Lipstick charger and 3” iPhone cable; they weigh nothing and can really save you in a pinch. Just keep them together and charged and you’re good to go. Personally I use Anker products, I lucked onto them through Amazon and found them to be reliable and road tough. Yes, I have dropped it a couple of times!

So, what are your Magnificent Seven?

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