Friday, December 16, 2016

Going Virtual on Route 66

I jumped on the virtual race bandwagon years ago. Prior to Social Media became mainstream there would be bloggers who posted Virtual races and give away prizes. It kinda went away or maybe it just fell off my radar but it was last year I signed up for the 2015 miles in 2015 challenge. Knowing that my year would be split across running and cycling I had to come up with something creative to complete the challenge. After the Leona Divide 50 Mile Run in April I effectively hung up my running shoes and so I completed the Challenge by logging steps.

Earlier this year I came across the Amerithon Challenge, a cross country challenge that allowed me to sign up and log my miles, and get a medal at the end of it. There was an element of competition to it and a very supportive Facebook Group. Training is not always rainbows and unicorns and especially as I spend a lot of time training alone it was nice to be able to dip into the group and get some motivation and also congratulate others and provide some motivation for those that needed. I started the Challenge on Independence Day with the goal of completing it by Thanksgiving and managed it with a few days to spare!

During the summer a friend of mine posted a link to the Virtual Mission LeJog (Land’s End to John O’Groats) Challenge, she was looking as using it for training for her walk across the Antarctica to the South Pole…yes seriously! So to help her out and as some self-motivation I signed up and started logging the miles. It actually turned into a bit of a race in the end and I managed to complete the solo ride in first place thanks to some long rides in November. I have continued to log my miles and as writing this I am around 60% of the way back down the country.

The LeJog Mission (for me) actually ends on New Year’s Day, you can configure the challenge length and mine is 90 days. So with that all said as these are wrapping up (no pun intended, given the season) it was time to look for another one.

Along came an email from the guys at Virtual Mission and they have another one starting on New Year’s Day, the Route 66 Challenge! 2280 miles, 90 days, nice piece of bling! Sure sign me up!

Now the nice thing is, if I can rope, cajole, encourage a couple of other folks to join in I can some of my entry refunded, and hey if you sign up you can do likewise so we all win!

So if you want to sign up, go to this link here.

Use the Referral Code SB640 when you sign up. You’ll also be entered into a draw for a $100 Amazon Card too!

Join the Facebook Group here

Download the Virtual Mission App from ITunes or Google Play

Connect to FitBit, Strava, Runkeeper, or Map my Run/Walk/Ride or of course add you miles manually!

Get a couple of friends to sign up and get your entry fee back!

Come January 1st, just start moving! Well hey you don’t have to wait till then!

So that’s it a little Virtual Motivation to start your 2017 off on the right (or left) foot!

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