Friday, December 9, 2016

Off to Camp!

The forthcoming year’s schedule includes a race that came to my attention a couple of years ago but that I have not been able to get to due to other commitments; The Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR). It’s a unique event along the same lines of Rock Cobbler which I was able to ride this year (Rock Cobbler 3.0 Race Report).

I am a huge proponent of training on the terrain. With that in mind when I saw a “BWR Training Camp” option that put me on the course, gave me access to some storied talent to ride with and quiz, covered my entry and had some SWAG it didn’t take take much to convince me to sign up…so I did!

It’s also a good chance to dial in the gear. This ride has a lot of road and while I will ride my Lynskey I need to consider tire choice and the like in advance. The tires I used for Dirty Kanza 200 may or may not be the right choice! Check out the video from last year;

It’s at the end of January and is a couple of weeks before the Rock Cobbler 4.0. It’s just over 7 weeks from today which gives me some time to get back to basic on the TrainerRoad SweetSpot base plan!

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