Monday, December 21, 2009

Karma Withdrawal!

Tenbestblog09 I have been nominated and selected as one of the Top Ten Endurance Blogs of 2009 by the folks over at It’s a real privilege that my rambling diatribe has been placed in the company of such luminaries as UltraMan (that’s UltraMan; basically two IronMan races over three days) Rich Roll, Eldon; The Fat Cyclist who just came back from a weekend training with Team Radioshack and Lance Armstrong and professional triathlete Bree Wee! There are six other outstanding athletes and bloggers and little ol’ me!

Now this is where it’s time to make a withdrawal from the karma bank, I am hoping I have made enough deposits into it in the last year!

Please visit the voting page of here and vote (for me), online voting for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Blogs will take place the last two weeks of December of 2009 until December 30th. Winners will be announced on December 31st of 2009, and prizes and “Best Blog" ribbons will be awarded to the winners. Thanks in advance!


  1. You got my vote too. :) Merry Christmas.

  2. Excellent! Done!! Fatty is gonna be tough to beat... The dude just raised 100K+ for the fight against cancer... in 3 days... LOL...

  3. Wow! What an honor! CONGRATS!

    PS: got the package yesterday. You rock. My family got a kick out of seeing the weird things athletes consume.

  4. Congratulations. I feel the same way as you, how did I make that list??!!

    It's pretty awesome! Best of luck!

  5. Vote is in. Good luck.

  6. I remember not long ago you just started your blog and now you are going for gold! Awesome. You got my vote, too.


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