Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lunchtime sweat!

So today I went to the local gym to work, by local, it’s the building next door! I picked up my membership at Costco last night, it nets out at $12.50 a month, so it’s a bit of a no brainer really! I can even go for a proper run around the local area and just use the showers at the end if I fancy!

Salad After getting the paper work done I was all set, 30 minutes (3 miles I think) on the elliptical, a superset of leg weights and a shower. I grabbed a salad from the local eatery and I was back at my desk in a little over an hour! Re-sult! Quick tip, get your dressing on the side and dip your fork in it before the salad, voila dressing every mouthful and a bajillion calories left on the table!

Some observations:

  • It’s empty…wahoo, no waiting
  • Pack you iPod, I have over the year collected 4; two nanos, an iTouch and an iPhone and I forget each and every one of them…although I did have two pairs of headphones!
  • Take a sweat towel, yep it’s warm inside
  • You can dry you hair with a hand dryer
  • Don’t put your dress shirt at the bottom of your locker unless you want to look like you’ve slept in it!
  • And…don’t forget your locker padlock combination…a little arm workout bonus!


All in all a good day and an extra hours sleep this morning!


  1. That's great that you have a gym so close to work! That would be a well used membership!

  2. I am always jealous of everyones lunch time workouts. With my 30 minutes I could never make it happen. Still I take being off at 3:30pm everyday as a bonus.

    GREAT JOB and love the quick checklist of do's and don'ts

  3. I miss that a lot...my gym time during lunch. Gives "going to work" work a different meaning and something you can look forward to. Plus I find it so refreshing.

    Keep it up:-)


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