Thursday, March 11, 2010

What’s your mental age?

We’ve all said or heard it before; age is a number, you’re as young as you feel or even age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese or a bottle of wine, in summary it’s mostly in the mind! Being of, shall we say middling-ish years, I find my body rebelling against my brain, in my brain I am 26. Thinking back to when that was I was single, employed, reasonably well paid and enjoying myself. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince were at #1 in the charts in the UK, if you paid any attention to that sort thing! I was heading to the Mediterranean on vacation for a week of Saturday nights and either riding my mountain bike like a banshee or charging round the countryside dressed as a bush at the weekends! Reasonably fit and healthy I was able to be active all day and most of the night with little or no side effects (the occasional handover not withstanding). I was in no way running or racing or focused on such things as I am now; it wasn’t a good thing or a bad thing it was just a different thing!

In my mind today I occupy this slim(mer than I am now and about where I want to be), less wrinkled, with less visible pate, generally less beaten up and with an ability to bounce back pretty much the next day body. So now I have to stretch more, foam roll more, stick more, I get through tubes of embrocation and have a drawer full of compression clothing and crepe bandages and a freezer with a 24hour Ice Pack on standby; the accoutrements of age, science and progress. I rarely drink; through habit and choice, seldom party and peruse holiday destinations with kids clubs and quiet beaches over ones the offer 24 hour nightlife and party buses!

The inevitability of life moves on all around but in my mind I occupy the space of a 26 year old and that’s how I am gonna try and run ‘cos life’s too short to do otherwise, right!


  1. Gosh, it's really embarrassing, but I took this test once on Facebook and it turned out I was like 60 in my mind! I'm still laughing actually.

  2. I’m with ya. I stopped counting when I turned 26. Age truly is just a number. I don’t want to say, I can’t wait until I see my hair turns gray, skin gets wrinkly, and feels achy but when the time comes, that means it’s another chapter of my life. I’ll just have to embrace it. ;) Like you said, life is too short to worry about your age. Live your life to the fullest!

  3. Hmmmm... I don't worry to much about these kinds of things. I go with the flow, and do things I need to to make that happen :-)

  4. Good attitude! Mentally I was 28 years old for several years before it turned 29 about a year ago when I acknowledged the fact that my "natural highlights" are indeed gray hair. Nothing a box of hair color and a continued adventuresome spirit can't fix!

  5. This is a cute post! I remember when I trained for my first marathon with no problems at the young age of 21. Now I have all the same ice packs, foam rollers, etc. as you!!


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