Sunday, May 4, 2014

6HAT and Vineman; Week 1

Well here we go another round of training starts, this time balancing training for 6 Hours at Temecula (6HAT) a crazy looped Mountain Bike race in June and Vineman in July. As mentioned before I am using The Sufferfest Intermediate Training Plan. I like the plan as it’s the perfect length (10 weeks) to fit in before the race and it’s a known quantity, I followed the Intermediate Cycling Plan last year with pretty good results and it utilizes a lot of the videos I already own. I am going to mix it up to cover the MTB training and to that end my weekend bricks will be, when possible, on my Mountain Bike and then on the trails, this should double down a bit on working on my running and improving my off road skills.

So the first week of training was “Test Week”.

  • Bike FTP (Functional Threshold Power), I decided to forgo this test as I had only tested two weeks ago which resulted in an increased FTP of 230 
  • Swim CSS (Critical Swim Speed)
  • Run Threshold Test to determine Lactate Threshold HR (LTHR)

As well several individual workouts and a Brick, this is how it all shook out;

Monday; Threshold Run Test. 10 min warm up, 5 min drills, 30 minutes test and 10 min cool down, work out the training zones based on your average HR for the last 20 minutes of the test. Result 163bpm

image image

I also added a swim in the evening. Should have been an Endurance swim but arrived late so just in and got on with it. Four months since my last swim! WU 300 w/PB MS 2X300 Steady CD 100 w/PB. I am never going to be fast but I can be consistent.

Tuesday; 40 minutes Aerobic Endurance run at Z2, check!

Wednesday; Swim Threshold test. Not pretty but done. WU; 3x100 FS 4x50 FS Build MS; 400 TT, 400 Easy, 200 TT CD; 150 Easy Well it's a starting point! Oh and left my Garmin on on the drive home!

Thursday; easy TrainerRoad ride to keep Becca company and give moral support as she retested

Friday; off…beer!

Saturday; Aerobic Endurance Swim. Warm up 7x 100m FS, :30 secs rest. (RPE3/10 secs below CSS). Main Set Repeat the following 2x at RPE4/5-7 secs below CSS. :30 secs recovery between each effort:100m FS, 150m FS 200m FS 150m FS 0:30 recovery 5:00 min – Cool down 150m easy…phew!

Sunday; Brick 90 min ride and 30 minutes run, off road! It took a bit of co-ordination but I managed it. Just over 10 miles on the ride for 2000’ of gain.

image Followed by the run where I met up with Becca for a mile or so as while finished up her training brick. I got to try out my new Saucony Peregrine 4s and take a bunch of photos on the way!

 image image

As expected it took some co-ordination and moving workouts around a bit but Week one is in the bag!

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