Tuesday, May 27, 2014

6HAT and Vineman; Week 4

Rest week…this is late posting so I will keep it short.

Monday; Threshold Swim. Quick late night dip having me getting out the pool at 8:30pm! WU 3x100 300 pulling MS 6x100 Hard 10 RI 1x100 easy CD 200 easy, messed up second warm up interval. Working on consistency all the time and slowly getting swim fit

image image

Tuesday; Drills and interval run on the treadmill. WU 15 minutes warm up, 10 minutes of drills and striders MS 12x60 seconds hard 90 rest (6:40/10:00) miscounted and did 11 CD 10 minutes easy


Wednesday; Brick ride/run. Sufferfest Wretched. 49 minute ride with 30 minutes of solid bike work followed by 30 minutes zone 2 running

Thursday; off

Friday; Endurance swim, squeezed it in during lunch and worked on my tan; I really need to learn backstroke to work on tanning my front!

Saturday; off

Sunday; Brick Sufferfest Chrysalis. Happy with this as! Compared to the last time I am getting faster for less effort…that’s a good thing!



That’s it!

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