Thursday, May 8, 2014

Challenge on!

Both Becca and I are heading to Vineman in nine weeks, it’s the third time for her and the second for me. We were last there in 2012 and for me it was a work up for IMAZ, Becca is following the same plan this year with IMAZ in November.

As I have mentioned in the past she is by far a better swimmer, we’re both pretty good runners and up until recently I was a stronger cyclist but she is closing in fast!

This year I start two waves behind her in the swim, that’s 18 minutes. She will pull away even further in the swim from me and gain another 10 – 12 minutes exiting the water in around 35 minutes. Conservatively that puts her nearly half an hour ahead! In 2012 I finished the bike in 2:52:21 and Becca was finished in 3:22:48 (in 2011 her finish was 1:51:10). Potentially we could be neck and neck but I know this year she will be faster…a lot faster on the bike…looks like it could come down the run!

I hope mine goes better than in 2012 when I really suffered in the heat finishing in 2:06:06, Meanwhile in 2011 Becca ran a 1:51:10!

image image

My 2012 finish in 5:58:39 and Becca’s in 2011, a kick ass 5:32:10

Either way a couple that trains and races together…well you know!

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  1. Wow Stuart. This is impressive!! Good luck to both of you. Looking forward to reading the results. What a long, strange trip it will be ;)


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