Monday, May 12, 2014

6HAT and Vineman; Week 2

Week 2 in the bag. As is usual the week’s workouts had to be thrown in the air and the pieces organized so that Becca and I can get all the required training in. The pressure on the schedule will ease off post Vineman as my race calendar thins out and her focus becomes laser like on Ironman Arizona. The focus of this week was six straight days of workouts. Typically the plan has Monday as the day off but that wasn’t to be and the week shook out like this;

Monday; Bike. The classic Sufferfest Hell Hath No Fury


Tuesday; Swim. Fail…well kinda. I headed to a different pool but got the open and close times muddled up and got there with 30 minutes to go so I ditched the planned swim and decided to spend the set working on upper strength so I donned my paddles and pulled for the session, after I had reset my Garmin Swim to 50m as the pool was laned off for long course. That night I jumped on the new treadmill and 45 mins Z2 run, no problems.

Wednesday; The Sufferfest Chrysalis video, I have reviewed it without a treadmill here, this time I got to see the running portions of the video!

Thursday; off. I didn’t make the six days, as this would have been it.

Friday; Swim. This was the set from Monday; WU 12X50m FS W/PB 20secs recovery MS 5x100m FS 20secs recovery 4x150m FS 30 secs recovery 4x25m Hard FS 30 secs recovery CD 100m easy FS. Of course I had forgotten to reset my watch back to 25 yards! I am actually pretty pleased with my swimming which really hasn’t lost that much since January which was the last time I was in the pool.

Saturday; Swim. Yes again! This time I spent too much time Instagraming my work out that I left it in the house…at least my watch had the right settings! Managed to pull 90% of the set out of my failing memory and the better news was I made the main set harder, not easier! WU 6x100m FS W/PB, 2x100 pulling,  20secs recovery MS 8x100m FS 10secs recovery CD 200m easy FS.

I also got a preview of a brand new Sufferefest Video but I have to keep that Top Secret for now! Oh and my new Kinvara 5s arrived which I love, love, love! Having ran in the Mirage 4S, Virrata 2s and Kivara5s over the last month these are by far my favorite, review to follow!

image image

Sunday; not quite as planned. After returning children to their parents after a Saturday night Birthday sleepover Becca and I headed to Ventura so she could get her first open water swim in. The plan had been for her to then ride home as she had a 3.5 hour ride on her schedule. It was not to be as one of her tires started leaking four miles in and with tubular tires it’s not quite so easy to fix on the side of the road. So I rescued her and we finished up the day on the trainer which for me was the first hour and half of ISLAGIATT followed by a 30 minute run on the treadmill…it certainly got some use this week!

Sunday night spent planning again! There's no "finding" the work/life have to plan the shit out of it! 10 hours for me and 13 hours training for Becca plus three days volunteering at the Amgen Tour of California later this week!

image image

And that was that…my workouts are starting to represent Triathlon Training with a balance across the swim/bike/run each week and the distances are increasing slowly but surely! Eight weeks to go!

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