Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Yeah we had our own hashtag!

So in lieu of a proper honeymoon due to Becca changing jobs and a whole bunch of other stuff and in the same fashion as we tend to do things; married in January, Reception in April and Honeymoon in May we had our Honeymoon!

Two days off work volunteering at the Amgen Tour of California, a big workout day, see earlier post, and VIP Tickets at the Amgen Tour! What’s not better than doing what you love with who you love.

Stage 5 Pismo to Santa Barbara. We had been given a spot 4kms from the finish. We were posted at road junctions making sure that nobody pulled out into the race. The junction had a nasty pothole in the middle of one of the lanes and I was given a Whistle and told to direct the riders away from it! And yes I ended up on TV! Fast forward to 7:00 minutes in and you’ll see me on the right in a yellow shirt. We hit the expo at the end were lucky enough to see Taylor Phinney coming out of Doping Control, Becca swooned and snagged an autograph on her Volunteer shirt!


Taylor Phinney in red and me in Yellow!

Stage 6 Santa Clarita to Mountain High. This time we were at the start and right by the 0km which was a couple of miles after the riders actually started. Again I was stuck in the middle of the road directing traffic so I have no photos. Most people were ok with detour and some less so and were very happy to tell me about it…I just smiled!

Stage 8 Thousand Oaks. Becca and I picked up a couple of VIP tickets to the Michelob Tent off of Living Social and it was our Honeymoon so what the hell! We got there early and saw the riders roll out. The route was the same as we had ridden at L’Etape last month prior with the addition of three short loops to ramp the sprinters up for the finish line. Here is some more onboard footage of them coming down the final descent at 80kph…that’s 50mph and 20mph faster than me!

The race was awesome and it was great to see fellow Brits win both the Stage (Mark Cavandish) and the overall (Bradley Wiggins). We hung around at the end and got our groupie on, I had brought a couple of books to see if I could get them signed. I scored lucky with Cav’ and Wiggo signing theirs for me! A word of advice; please and thankyou go a long way, Brad was not happy signing as he was with his wife and children and the people surrounding were getting pushy. I seriously think that asking nicely won him over, I was one of only three or four folks to get an autograph!

image image

I also got John Degenkolb’s autograph on a route card;

imageAnd a photo of us under the finish banner…

imageAnd that was that but of course I took a million photos which I am sifting through!

You can read Becca’s version of events here.

Back to reality!

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