Monday, May 19, 2014

6HAT and Vineman; Week 3

Another week, more miles, roll on, roll on!

That about sums it up. This was a solid week of pretty much all quality training

Monday; The Sufferfest Blender. Started the week of with a bang riding;an hour and three quarters of hills sprints and time trial, it’s nice to start the week with 32 miles before 7am!


Tuesday; a double. 50 minutes Zone 2 run in the morning and a threshold swim in the evening. As I have said numerous times my swimming is slow so the best I can hope for is consistency and that’s starting to show through, the set was WU 6x50 20 RI w/PB MS 10x100 10 RI 1x500 w/PB CD 100 alt 25s BS FS

Wednesday; Brick; The Sufferfest Long Scream followed by 30 minutes Zone 2 running, some transition practice which is never a bad thing! The purchase of the Treadmill is paying off in spades right now!


Thursday; swim. A pyramid swim WU 2x200 w/PB MS Pyramid 100, 150, 250, 500, 250, 150, 100 CD 100 w/PB. It was done on the way to volunteer and the Stage 4 of Amgen Tour of California in Santa Barbara, more on that later.

Friday; Run. Buddied up with Becca after volunteer at Stage 5 of Amgen Tour of California in Santa Clarita to get a long run in, left it very late as it was such a hot day and finally got out around 8:30pm and run just over 10 miles in the 90 minutes. This is by far my longest run this year and it was not with some aches and pains but I was pleased to get it under my belt!


Saturday; Brick. Again buddied up with Becca and added more time to the ride to match her plan. We headed out to the coast to avoid the inland heat and instead battled the winds! Just under three hours and 51 miles later we tied our laces for a 30 minute run. Overall I was pleased with the ride and it puts me in reach of my Vineman time from 2012 and gives me some indication if I can get a 2:40 – 2:45 bike split this year, which is something I need if I am going to give Becca a run for her money!


Sunday; off. Another day at the Amgen Tour!

So totals for the week;

  • Total 10:56:05
  • Mile 122.25
  • 3 swims; 2:06:30/5600 yards
  • 3 bikes; 5:21:17/96.94 miles
  • 4 runs; 3:24:41/22:13

Next week is a rest week!

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