Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review; The Sufferfest Steam-Roller

I was lucky enough to have been given a preview version of the latest and greatest from the twisted mind of The Sufferfest; “Steam-Roller”. Steam-Roller is a major departure away from the typical rubber-side down on a Trainer cycling videos and takes you off of two wheels and puts you firmly onto two feet on a Treadmill! Yes it’s time to give that runner in you a good ass kicking!

As with other Sufferfest you’re provided with two things; a pumping soundtrack and series of instructions. The instructions taunt, tease and test you, they are overlaid on top of some great motivational video footage. There are 13, yes unlucky for some, intervals! With a nice easy warm up for the first 5 minutes followed by a minute to recover you then have 13 intervals over varying distances/durations/intensities with a combination of recoveries lasting between 0:30 to 1:45 and then a cool down for 3 minutes…soup to nuts 47 minutes.


I had to jump on the skids at the end as I couldn’t get the treadmill to slow down fast enough! 

image Cadence…get some!

The intervals are based on a RPE with the longer intervals at a lesser effort. Rather than prescribe a pace or speed which would vary greatly there is a simple scale which most runners should be familiar with ramping up from Easy Jog through Marathon Pace to 5k Pace to being chased by a TRex Pace….no I am not joking! Additionally there are prompts for incline angles.

The video is taken from the Melbourne Marathon and from the IIAF Diamond League Track and Field meet in London in 2013 with footage from varying distance ranging from 100m to 3000m with some notable appearances by the likes of Martinez, Farah, Bekele and Bolt! This is so fresh off of Final Cut Pro that there is not even a teaser reel….so here is some actual included footage that I found online.

As always the quality is constantly improving and long gone are the grainy days of 2009, this is HD all the way! As mentioned this is a quality soundtrack (sorry no words) with some great high cadence music to keep your feet light, turnover up and your knees high.

One additional side benefit is that I learned how potato chips/crisps are made…and that’s all I have say about that!

Yet to be priced I expect this will be in the $13-15 range which is much the same as the other available videos.

Just remember… image 
Available mid-June this is definitely one to have on your Mobile device or PC to avoid another dreary treadmill run!

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