Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A day late and a dollar short...

OK here we are, Week 2’s results, a day late a dollar (or pound) short, I was ambushed at work, you know how that goes…"can you just”…3 hours later, so by the time I got home I was banjanxed! So these are percentage reductions from you starting weight. Jenn maintains her lead but Laura is hot on her heels basking in the joy of a post marathon caloric burn and Lily on the Road is gaining some momentum. A little further down Scott Nick and Kevin are battling it out for a place in the Top 5. Alas myself flipped flopped back to where I started, damn those children’s birthday parties at the weekend! There are still a few DNR’s and Christie reported in as having technical difficulties.

As mentioned earlier Wicked Fast Sports are going to donate 3 bottles each of Recover-Ease and Energ-Ease. Having used it I can certainly vouch for Recover-Ease, it works every time, I am sure the winners will want to write up on their on blogs of their experiences.

So we’re half way there today, it’s still pretty tight, just like my waistband!, and anyone’s game.

(Sorry no nice links, I come back and tidy it up later, I need to fly out the door this morning.)

CORRECTION: Scott is actually at 2.39%, my error, the downside of working in Excel at 5am!


  1. Ouch from 2nd to 10th. I am definitely going to have to pick it up this week.

  2. 0%.... OMG... must step up the game. the two plate fulls of food at a wedding this past weekend did not help. I pigged out!!!

    Your listing only motivates me more.....

    Your prizes are getting better and better!!!

  3. Hey, I did lose a pound...did you get that? Does it not register as at least something? :<( I can't let Marcy beat me! LOL

  4. OMG! I'm doing better than I thought! And most importantly I'm still beating JAva HAHAHAHAHAA. Still need to step it up a bit.

  5. I think mine's going up this week :( I'm trying to eat really cleanly tonight/tomorrow to hopefully still be okay, but I PIGGED OUT last weekend :(

  6. All right! slowly but surly. Don't make me get all Merchant of Venice here.


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