Saturday, August 2, 2008

Everybody's working for the weekend...photog!

My early start: if you like it you can do it whatever the hour!

My commute: I love the smell of the open road!

My parking: there's always a space!

My footwear: where the rubber meets the road...or trail!

My confine and my comfort!

Have a good one everyone!

Oh yes, one last thing, there seems to be some confusion over the Worth the Weight start date, mostly my own created by me and my clumsy semantics! I need your official start weight, which should your weight on or around August 3rd, before August 10th, then an updated weight on August 10th and then updates every Sunday thereafter until September 7th, you see that was easy!


  1. I would lose what's left of my mind in all that traffic. The open road looks a whole lot better.

  2. If only it could be like the right side all the time. That would be the life

  3. I definately chose the right column :)

  4. Ignore my last comment... sending you my weight from yesterday now :)

  5. I vote for the right side of your life!!! We do what we have to during the week so we can do what we WANT TO on the weekend. LOVE IT!!!

  6. ****whistling****

    So, am I in?

  7. Love the comparison, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live in the right column all the time?

    thanks for looking after all of us in the weight loss challenge!


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