Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Florida all over again!

Time for a recount!

Quite clearly working in Excel albeit at an extremely simple level is beyond me in the wee dark hours, several errors have been pointed out during the day and I have had to go back and recheck.

So here we have the official recount, Scott moves into fourth place and javamom moves into the middle of the pack hot on Marcy’s heels or flats or runners, whatever she’s been out shopping for today!

Unfortunately there was no error in my own measurement! Oh well.

I am in the process of working out the prizes, I have one more sponsor that I am hoping will come through, fingers crossed and also the handpicked prize for the pottiest, smakiest, trash talking mouth !

Let the insults fly!

On a completely different note, this came across my desk(top), anyone who works in IT will totally get it.


  1. Oh yeah........that is what I am talkin' bout Marcy. :>D I am so in my eating zone so you better watch it girl cuz you are going down.

    Thanks Q!! LOL

    Are we still having a smack talking contest? HA!

  2. Ok, I looked at the results and then read the whole post!! LOL I see the trash talking is on like Donkey Kong!

  3. Marcy, the smackdown is happening!! LOL, you'll win hands down for the trashtastic talk.

    Thanks for looking after all of us with this Q, it is a lot of work!!

  4. Ooooohhh no, no, no, no, no!! Where did Java come from? That's ok, I won't say anything because I'll let this Sunday's digits speak for themselves :P I've been on point this week.

  5. It totally sucks that as a state, we're best remembered for fucking up the 2000 election.

  6. Marcy ain't got nottin' on this trash talkin' housewife. Fo shiznaps she smells like chicken feet.

  7. Damn, out of the top 5. And I had Taco Bell today to celebrate.


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