Friday, August 8, 2008

Man Bites Dog!

At least hopefully that’s the plan! One of my botched runs from last week was on a little side track off of Topanga Canyon, the canyon is one of those connectors from the coast through to the San Fernando Valley which I’ve cycled through numerous time but it actually only has one or two spots where you can stop and run straight off the side of the road. The run itself is a short sharp out and back which starts on single track; exits onto a fire road then a bit of black top and finally some shaley rollers; however the good thing is that you gain some elevation really quickly and as a result have some great views. One of the views is across to Malibu Creek State Park, site of the Bulldog run in two weeks. The run is basically two 25k loops, I am only running one. I have mountain biked this course years ago (it nearly killed me!) but have never run it in full, last year I ran the climb up Castro Peak. I was planning to do it this weekend but it’s my wife’s birthday and we’re doing family stuff.

This photo shows you the part of Backbone Trail section, you’ll need to click on it to see the detail, but essentially you’re running from the bottom right hand corner up to just left of the masts on the right hand side then left across the ridgeline which is behind the first one you see to next antenna farm, or close to it, down the left hand slope and the right across the valley floor back to the Start/Finish line. The whole run is essentially one big climb, one big decent and two flat(ish) bits in between, oh yes with little or no shade in August! The RD has made it mandatory for runners to carry water!

My expectations for the run, well in addition to the heat; which is almost guaranteed I have the usual three tier approach and in fashionable Olympic coloring they are Bronze: just a finish – 3:00, Silver 2:59 – 2:45 and Gold 2:44 – 2:30. This actually starts my training plan officially for Twin Peaks in December. So let the games commence! Note to self; need more Olympiad references!

From my last post, everyone who guessed the second toe in from the big one on the right foot was right and you all get 100 points, feel free to spend them how you will! Don't forget to send me you weight on Sunday, losers and gainers will be posted Monday or Tuesday next week.

Oh yes and Eddie Izzard was awesome, we had a great night, the staff at the Kodak Theatre were fab' and when my wife realized that she had left the tickets at home (so no stress, right!) they were really accommodating and helped us out with little fuss, the show was really funny and if you like him and get a chance to go see it I totally recommend you do.

Finally good luck to Jes and Mieko who are running at Mt Disappointment this weekend, I know you’ll both rock it out!


  1. Good luck! I hope you have a great race!!

  2. Best of luck! Hope you snag Gold!

  3. Wow that looks tough. Go for gold!

  4. Shoot - Mt Disappointment's today huh? Good luck Jes and Mieko!!

    If they somehow make it out to run with us and the TRC tomorrow morning, i'll be blown away

  5. Good luck!!

    So sorry about being the last one to send in weight. I emailed you. I'll be on time this week! Thanks again.

  6. Wow. Bizarre. I grew up in Woodland Hills. How come I didn't know you were a Losangelino???

    I should have put 2 and 2 together when you saw Eddie; it was on my list of to do things. Come to see him.

    I'll post tomorrow. Post race weight losss I hope!

  7. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    Those trails look awesome...beautiful location.

  8. Ooh cant wait to hear how it went!


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