Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's my Birthday and I buy if want to!

Well at least try and wait for them to come into stock around November, there are still a few other maybes to try but this is definitely a favorite so far.

Specialized Roubaix SL2

The first week of training is going well and I am on target despite Birthday cupcakes and going out for Thai food tomorrow night...yum!


  1. Happy B-Day SLB!
    Man, that is a nice bike. If there is a buy one get one free deal, can I have one?

    Tai Food and cupcakes -sounds awesome. Have a great day!

  2. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! How fun!

    Enjoy whatever you may purchase!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday!!

  3. wow... sweet bike if you decide on that one! Happy belated bday! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. It's your B-day?!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHOOO HOOOOOO!! ;D ;D

  5. Happy B-day Stuart.

    Very nice bike. Enjoy when you get your hands on it.

  6. Go ahead... have seconds on the cupcakes and Tai Foods. Really...go ahead ;)

    Sweet bike. Waiting until November would be hard.

    Happy Birthday!!! Cheers!

  7. Happy Birthday!! That is a shweeeeeeeet bike!!

  8. Very sexy bike my friend. When people drive by hootin' & hollarin' this Sunday they won't be looking at me...

    The Devil put Thai food on this planet to make me FAT for my wedding. Of this I am sure.


  9. Sweet bike! Anytime you wanna head out and get some mileage in, let me know!

  10. Happy Birthday...

    As for the bike...oooh pretty, pretty...

  11. happy birthday, Stuart :) (okay, i am a little late, forgive me.)

    that is a hot bike!

    hope you had a great birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday, and go give that credit card a workout!

  13. ooh! nice ride! happy birthday!!
    - november will be here before you know it! wait for it. wait for it.

  14. I know I am late, but better late than never. Hope you had a great birthday!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday, nice wheels!!!


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